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Transmute * Clear * Re-align

Emotional Recognition Therapy

Are you ready to... 

  • Gain a broader perspective to a challenging situation.
  • Shift old patterns of thought that keep you from moving forward. 
  • Find the root problem for chronic pain.
  • Relieve depression
  • Feel clear and centered.
  • Empower you with tools to stay focused and balanced.

Your session includes:

  • A full body energetic tune up. 
  • Intuitive spiritual guidance and energy healing that shifts your perception with thoughts that cause disruption in your energy field and body.
  • Clear and lighten your energy field .
  • Move energy in your physical body with a hands on approach.

Healer Divine

We are accessing the Divine within. Together we will co-create a life changing experience that will leave you feeling centered and satisfied. 

Energy exchange ...... $225

( Session is flat rate, not by the hour. Time varies. )

*Long Distant Healing Sessions available and includes everything except the hands on approach. 

Past Life Regressions ( Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique~ QHHT) also offered......What do you need to know about your past? How does it affect your present? How can it affect your future?

Access your own Divine wisdom and quantum healing through your Subconscious/Higher Self. 

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