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About Us

Passion for well-being.

Are you at the end of your rope trying conventional ways with no results? 

  • Have you been self medicating because you don't know how to handle your emotions? 
  • Have you been to hours and hours of therapy with minimal results?  
  • Have you gone to the Doctors for symptoms of pain but they can't find out what's wrong and they think it's stress related and give you a prescription but not teach you how to relieve the stress? 
  •  Have you ever thought there must be more than just masking the symptoms with prescriptions?

These are some reasons to choose to work with Cathy Lafitte. She not only provides valuable tools to assist you, but she does so with a genuine care for your well being and long term success.  Through this very powerful process called "Emotional Recognition Therapy" you will experience a quantum leap in self discovery and a new way to handle your situations that keep you from moving forward from the shadows of your past, limiting self destructive thoughts, and beliefs about self.

Cathy has dedicated her life  to helping those who are searching for pain relief from depression, anxiety, or chronic pain be it physical, or emotional. She helps find their light through the darkness.  

Healer Divine was birthed with the idea in mind that knowing all healing comes from the Divine. It is about re-aligning with that, that already exists. Healing is based on opening up to the part of us that is connected to all that is. It is a belief that all things are possible through the Divine will of our creator. 

It's a belief that nothing is really wrong with us. We just need to be reminded of our truth. 

The emotional body has been a focal point for Cathy as she believes it is the cause of so many problems if left unattended. She has worked diligently on her own emotional body and the process that she created has assist not only herself, but others, with alleviating onset depression, and anxiety. It also can prevent major problems before they manifest themselves. 

Her biggest desire and passion is to provide a safe place to open up to look at emotional triggers that keep reoccurring and teach how to manage the emotional body so you can handle life on a daily basis. 

She helps you re-discover the love within any situation that you may not see. 

She empowers you by putting the power back in self through self awareness. 

She shows you and teaches you to become aware of how your thoughts affect your body through this very unique powerful process. 

If you have already experienced a manifestation from past thoughts, worries, not letting go of the past, old traumas, and not understanding what these experiences had to teach you, then this is the place for you. 

ERT takes therapy to a whole new level. Cathy provides an ample amount of time allowing you to have time to get to know your therapist. Enough time to get comfortable and develop trust in the process. Her goal is to achieve as much progress as possible the first visit so, if you can't make other visits you will have a great start to live your daily life with new tools gained, perceptions shifted, and energy cleared.  

If you're ready to take a closer look at the root problem...look at the shadows of your past...and at your part in creation of your pain, then she invites you to look further through Emotional Recognition Therapy.

Emotional Recognition Therapy

Are you ready to... 

  • Gain a broader perspective to a challenging situation.
  • Shift old patterns of thought that keep you from moving forward. 
  • Find the root problem for chronic pain.
  • Relieve depression
  • Feel clear and centered.
  • Empower you with tools to stay focused and balanced.

Your session includes:

  • A full body energetic tune up. 
  • Intuitive spiritual guidance and energy healing that shifts your perception with thoughts that cause disruption in your energy field and body.
  • Clear and lighten your energy field .
  • Move energy in your physical body with a hands on approach.

Healer Divine

Energy Healing is on the rise. You may ask yourself "what do I need to know?" When searching for a practitioner, it is important to know what it is you want to get out of your session. But, if you don't, then 

she will help you discover what direction to go using dialogue and her intuitive guidance to find what is best for you. With Emotional Recognition Therapy it's like getting an energy healing on steroids! 

Your'e not only getting a Chakra balancing as with most traditional energy healing, but you will also be getting into the mental patterns of thought that is so often the cause of chronic problems, which disrupts the flow of energy and energetically shift and remove the energy around old traumas.

You will also receive a physical movement to your body where areas of tension and stagnant energy has accumulated. That is an important part of energy healing. So often old emotions are trapped within the actual tissue (fascia) and muscles. As an LMT ( licensed massage therapist) she can move energy with in the tissue and muscles, with a hands on approach ( done on table with clothes on. Not a traditional massage.) creating more mobility and allow for transmuting heavy burdensome feelings within the tissues.  

With ERT you are getting so much more depth. Many illnesses and chronic emotional and physical problems stem from programming we are playing out mentally creating our misalignment energetically. Unwinding and re-programming is apart of ERT and done as we access the Divine within. Together you will co-create a life changing experience that will leave you feeling centered and satisfied. 

Energy exchange ....................... $502

  ( Angel number meaning of 502~ "Brings a message that it is time to make positive changes in our life and let go of old ways of doing and being that are no longer serving you . Release old doubts, fears and perceived obstacle and look forward  to wonderful new opportunities and adventures as the changes you are facing will bring about new opportunities and (with hindsight) will turn out to be the answers to your prayers. Stay calm,balanced and focused and trust your intuitive messages and promptings". http://sacredscribesangelnumbers.blogspot.com/2011/09/angel-number-502.html 

( Session is flat rate. Typical session is a around 3-4 hrs.)

*Long Distant Healing Sessions available and includes everything except the hands on approach. 

Past Life Regressions ( Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique~ QHHT) also offered......What do you need to know about your past? How does it affect your present? How can it affect your future?

Access your own Divine wisdom and quantum healing through your Subconscious/Higher Self. 

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All appointments are required to be made in advance. We encourage all scheduled appointments to be kept and do require a credit card/debit card to be on file to secure your spot.

Re-Scheduling/Cancellation/No Show Policy

All Appointments are required to put a credit/debit card on file in case you have to re-schedule, cancel, or if you don't show up without notification for your scheduled day and time that has been set aside for you within a window of 24 hrs. If you are unable to make your appointment and you do not notify Healer Divine within 24 hrs. a Re-Scheduling/Cancellation/No Show fee of up to $250 will be applied to your card. Otherwise your card will not be charged.   

We understand that unanticipated events happen occasionally in everyone’s life. Family emergencies, business meetings, project deadlines, flight delays, car problems, snowstorms, and illness are just a few of the reasons why one might consider canceling an appointment. In our desire to be effective and fair to you and consideration for our ’ time, we have adopted the following policies: 

  • If you are unable to make your original appointment date and time and need to cancel or re-schedule your appointment less than 24 hrs. there will be up to a $250 fee that will be charged to your card on file.    
    If you are able to re-schedule, the $250 fee will be applied towards you next appointment.   
  • In case of a cancellation then the $250 will not be refundable.    

You will be sent a reminder notice 24-48 hrs. in advance as a courtesy to help keep your scheduled appointment as intended.  

No Shows 

  • Anyone who either forgets or consciously chooses to forgo their appointment for whatever reason without 24 hr. notification will be considered a “no-show”. They will be charged half of their session for their “missed” appointment. $150 Non-refundable. Remaining portion may be used for future appointment minus non-refundable $150 if they choose to re-schedule. 
  • If a “no show” happens the second time full payment will be due without refund to re-schedule again.   

"We value our intended appointment time together and the time you choose to dedicate to your well-being. Thank you in advance for your business and choosing Healer Divine as your leading edge practitioner."